Distant healing is now a well established and proven method for bringing about positive changes in health and well-being. 

In the way I have chosen to work over many years, I channel a combination of spiritual, reiki, angelic and crystal energies to the person or animal that requires healing.

The healing is sent on daily for one month on a donation basis. 

After a month a brief update from you is helpful to assess the situation.



Jim Trail

Thank you to the wonderful Mr Bill Sohan. An excellent healer if not the world's finest.

I am a person who is in a lot of pain and relies on medication and treatments to reduce pain. This can be a lengthy process waiting for treatment or prescriptions.

With Bespoke healing with Bill, one gets that instant reassurance and relief from pain.

Only yesterday after a flare up the thought of having to negotiate more medical services was a strain. It is so comforting to know that one can make a quick call to connect to this amazing healer.

Always get great results and pain reduction from healing sessions with Bill.

Check out Bill's page and get in contact with him for your healing needs. Also works healing with pets.

Thank you Bill.

Steve Lyons

Bill Sohan had a strong effect on Orwell my cat. Definitely able to heal.

Jacqui Tippett

Bill definitely helped my pet Lily to survive. She's still thriving and I can never thank him enough. 

She was on death's door according to my vet. 

Bill Sohan is a good man.

Kathleen Gallagher

Our first encounter with Bill came when our beloved pet dog Kerry was diagnosed with liver cancer and expected to pass away within days. Through Bill's distant healing work, she recovered and lived for another 3+ years. She finally died of a heart condition at the age of 15. We always remember Bill and Lynn for that great blessing.

Mairi Mcgowan

Bill has given me bespoke healing on a few occasions. it is always very effective and I am grateful for his help with my illness. I would recommend him to anyone.

Shad Crow Shantiji

Dear  Bill,  Thanks for healing our cat Grey kitty from a fatal snake bite in Mississippi.

Thank you for your generous support

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Bespoke distant Healing



Bespoke is a new kind of distant healing that is both powerful and effective.

As the healer I direct powerful healing energies to my client from a distance (human or animal or both at the same time) who can be anywhere in the world for  a set period at a mutually agreed time. 

The client can be sitting in a comfortable chair or lying down in an undisturbed setting. 

I have offered Bespoke healing for a number of clients many of whom are gifted healers and the results have been excellent. 

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Bespoke taster healing service

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30 minute healing service

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45 minute healing service

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