Lorraine and Kathleen Gallagher

Four years ago our beautiful collie dog, Kerrie (12 years old), was diagnosed with liver cancer. She was extremely ill, manifesting the most distressing symptoms, and blood tests showed that her life expectancy was three days maximum.

Three weeks previously I had seen, cut out and filed away Bill’s advertisement from ‘Cygnus’, thinking, as someone interested in healing and believing implicitly in the power of Divine intervention, that it might , one day, be useful to have for others. I never dreamt I would be the first person requesting his help for our dog.

In spite of all the negative predictions, Kerrie responded to the healing energies channelled by Bill and after what we now know to have been a ‘healing crisis’, she quickly showed small signs of improvement. These continued progressively and consistently until it was clear to everyone that her liver was once again healthy and functioning as Nature intended.

Kerrie became well-known, as her story was on radio and also in one of the regional newspapers. As a result, many people were given hope and had their faith in miracles strengthened or renewed.

Kerrie lived for three years and four months after the initial prognosis and became known as ‘The miracle dog’. She crossed over, aged 15-1/2, on the 18th February 2005 as the result of a heart attack. She had a peaceful crosssing, but we still miss her very much.

Over the years that we have known Bill, we find him to be a sincere, compassionate, gentle and unassuming person who is deeply spiritual and genuinly caring. We know that Kerrie’s healing happened as a direct result of his ability to be a clear channel for healing energy, combined with the ‘bigger picture’ regarding her life’s purpose.

What a team she and Bill proved to be! Words could never express our appreciation of the gift we were given in having Kerrie remain with us for an extra 3 years. We thanked God and Bill each morning and enjoyed every minute we had with her to the full.

Thank you Bill.

Dr Helen Boynton

I have been in contact with Bill Sohan for distant healing for about eight years for members of our family. It is comforting to have some form of healing, often when you don’t get help from anyone else.

My daughter had advice on a very painful toothace, then a bad bout of flu. My husband has a severe allergy problem and liver complaint. I myself have allergies, osteopathy and neck and jaw problems. We are all making progress, although mine and my husband’s are long term.

I found Bill to be very helpful and feel I can always confer in him.

E.P. Liverpool

Four years ago my husband died of cancer. Two years after this I was diagnosed with cancer. I was told that chemotherapy had only a 10% chance of working. I did not really want chemotherapy so I went to a doctor in Brighton who specialised in treating cancer with alternative therapies. Diet, herbs and vitimins were prescribed. I was also advised to join a healing circle and have spiritual healing. I did not know of a healing circle, so when I saw Bill’s article, I decided to ask him if he would kindly send me spiritual healing.

I sent a photograph of myself, told Bill the trouble and he started the healing. I know the healing was doing me good so much so that I discontinued it as I felt so much better. My doctor suggested I come off tranquilisers she had prescribed but unfortunately the withdrawal symptoms were very bad. I again contacted Bill and once again asked if he would send me distant healing. Bill is still doing this for me and I very much appreciate it. He has also sent some clear quartz which I keep by my bedside knowing its qualities are helping me.


Binny was a skinny little ginger cat with beautiful brilliant green eyes. She had been living most of her life in the garden of a house, and the people who looked after her and fed her, brought her into the rescue centre where I worked, as she had not been eating and was just getting thinner and thinner. She was old and her kidneys were failing. She hadn’t long to live and although the clinic have a non-termination policy it was decided that Binny should perhaps be helped on her way.

It would only be a matter of a few months anyways, and for her to spend this time in a cage in the hospital was not much fun. I decided to ask Bill for healing for her. If it really was her time to go, fair enough, but if she could have a little more time, maybe find a nice home for her last few months, as least, this would be wonderful.

Shortly after bill commenced healing a bout of flu struck the clinic. Binny was removed to a house full of cats plus garden for her safety. Quite suddenly, she roared into life again. She bossed all the other cats in the house, spent most of her time climbing trees and dashing around the garden and lived another full and glorious year before finally crashing out completely and irretrievably. I know that this year was given thanks to Bill’s prayers. We shall never forget her.

Deidre Concannon

My cat Annie was very ill from the effects of hyperthyroidism. The healing from Bill had an immediate stablilising effect on Annie, giving her a much improved quality of life for her last four months. I had to leaver her for six weeks to work abroad and was able to cope with the separation knowing she was receiving such powerful support from Bill. Annie deteriorated suddenly on my return, but I was able to spend one last day with her, before she died peacefully.

I am very grateful to Bill for the wonderful healing and for his kindness. I have felt their calming effects long after Annie’s departure.

"Mrs D", Liverpool

I was so glad I tried distant healing. I had so many things wrong with me, I never thought I’d feel better again. I felt improvement even in the first month, but continued to experience great benefit over several months. I’m 75% better now after healing began and I still have regular ‘top-ups’ to keep myself well.